The iconic Coral light fixture by David Trubridge is now available in environmentally sound material for use outdoors. The Outdoor Coral pendant is made from 70% renewable resources, with the remaining 30% being thermosetting resins. The high-pressure FSC rated laminate is 10 years outdoor rated and weather-proofed. The fixture is perfect for patios, bars & restaurants, […]


Toru is inspired by microscopic diatoms which live in water and produce 50% of the air we breathe. Based on our award-winning Navicula feature light, it is crafted from strong, multi-layered bamboo plywood creating a natural skeletal skin. The light is designed to have functional downward lighting as it can be installed either horizontally or […]


The New Zealand based songbird Tūī is the eponym of our new light. A real characters of Aotearoa’s native bush, they hurtle through the bush with drumming wing-beats, miraculously avoiding branches whilst maintaining their cool charm. Famous for its ability to imitate other birds’ calls with a series of click, gurgles and resonant, bell-like notes.  […]

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