Navicula is inspired by microscopic diatoms which live in water and produce 50% of the air we breathe. The light is crafted from strong, multi-layered bamboo plywood creating a natural skeletal skin. Depending on your point of view the lights changes structure, from a floating ray to a fern leaf.  The tensile form is lit internally by an LED strip which emits a soft upwards glow of light. Navicula is ideal for a dining table, lounge, foyer, reception or as a sculptural lighting feature. Since the launch in 2016 the light won several awards.

Key facts:

  • Shipped in environmentally friendly kitset packaging 
  • Easy assembly at home via PDF or online video 
  • Available in 3 sizes 
  • 12 standard colour options (custom colours on request)
  • Comes with suspension wires, integrated LED strip, driver and ceiling canopy 
  • Intended for dry interior spaces.

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