Maru’s hidden secret is the kaleidoscopic pattern of light it casts upwards. The torus form is inspired by diatoms, which are at the base of the entire oceanic food chain. The name Maru is found in both New Zealand Māori and Japanese languages, with references to the cycle of life. Maru is a feature lighting sculpture powered by six internal Lumiled LED’s, which project light upwards creating overlapping patterns. Maru can compliment other light sources and equally provide a moody ‘wow!’ element, in a low-lit environment such as a bar, lounge, or restaurant.

Key facts:

  • Shipped in environmentally friendly kitset packaging 
  • Easy assembly at home via PDF or online video 
  • Available in 2 sizes 
  • 12 standard colour options (custom colours on request) 
  • Comes with suspension wires, integrated LED’s, driver and ceiling canopy 
  • Intended for dry interior spaces.

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